Copy LPs, Tapes & Minidisc to Mac, CD & MP3
Copy all your old Vinyl LPs, Cassettes & Minidiscs to an Apple Mac using our transfer kit - one end plugs into the headphone socket on your player, the other to the USB port on your Mac.

Once the tracks are on your Mac you can burn them to an audio CD or import them into your iTunes library.

Our kit contains all the leads, software and instructions required for the job.

With this kit you can easily.

Transfer vinyl LPs and singles to a Mac.
Convert old audio cassette tapes to MP3 audio files.
Copy minidiscs to your iTunes library.
Burn imported files onto standard audio CDs
Save captured audio files as MP3 files.
Listen to all your old LPs & tapes on your iPod/iPad/iPhone/Mac.
Import rare audio books & language tapes to Mac.
Preserve precious audio tapes of family members.
Make backups from dictaphone microcassettes and digital recorders.
Record direct from electronic musical instruments.
Record direct from mixing deck's headphone output.
Clean up audio. Remove hiss, tape motor noise, scratches, pops & crackles.

Any source with a headphone socket can be recorded
(Please respect copyright)

Kit Includes:
USB Audio adapter with 3.5mm and phono inputs.

1x 1/4 inch headphone jack plug to 3.5mm stereo socket adapter.

Printed instructions

Software CD

Tutorial Video

Digital download link for Macs without CD/DVD


Software included:

Audacity: The best open-source audio editing tool available. Compatible with all versions of MacOS, including Monterey 12 on Intel and M1 Macs.

Burn OSX: Open-source audio CD writing tool - lets you burn the captured .wav files to regular audio CDs. Tested with all versions of MacOS.

Why spend £80 on a USB turntable and another £100 on a USB cassette deck?
This kit gives great results using your existing stereo ( regular headphone socket required ).

Just check our eBay Feedback below.

Our kit connects the headphone socket on your Walkman, HiFi system,
Portable music centre, or Minidisc player. Alternatively, you can connect the phono outputs direct from a turntable and post-process the recording using Audacity on the Mac - our video guide shows you how. Vinyl-2-Mac is supplied in a plain white box & includes the items shown below along with a CD & printed instructions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does the USB adapter work with all versions of MacOS?
A. Yes. We've personally tested it with El Capitan through to Monterey 12

Q. Don't I need a pre-amp for my turntable?
A. No. You can connect our kit to the headphone output on the amp, or direct to turntable's phono outputs. If you record direct from phono outputs on a turntable, then some simple post-processing is required in Audacity - our video guide shows you how.

Q. My brand new Mac doesn't have a CD/DVD drive. How do I load the software?
A. We provide a digital download link printed on the paper CD sleeve.

Q. How good is the audio recording software?
A. It's the best package available for this job. It's used by more people than any other.

Q. What's the quality of the recording like?
A. Plug headphones into your stereo or portable player. What you hear is reproduced exactly on the Mac.

Q. What devices can I record from?
A. Record players, cassette decks, minidisc players. Anything with a headphone socket. Or a mains powered turntable with phono outputs.

Q. Is the kit easy to use?
A. We supply a set of easy-to-follow printed instructions & a 30 minute tutorial video. We make it as easy as possible.

Q. Where can I get some free Cloud storage for my captured music?
A. You can get 5GB of Mac-friendly storage from Google.

Q. Is Vinyl-2-Mac available elsewhere?
A. We only supply Vinyl-2-Mac through this site, Amazon and eBay.

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If you aren't completely delighted with our kit you can return it for a full refund, within 30 days of receipt.

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Vinyl to Mac USB Kit £19.95
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